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cheap tires toronto

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Drive Towards that Distant Sun

Drive Towards that Distant Sun

Press L to view larger and on black!

One great thing about being home is the fact that I'm near Toronto so in other words that means street photography time. Being near Toronto also means there is a large used market for camera gear... So yes I bought more stuff today. I bought myself a Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm F4.5 M mount lens and I also got a Nikon SB-800 for dirt cheap ($110). So I decided to test out this new lens in the place where its best suited, on the streets!

This was taken on the way home, just cause I could I decided to try and get a cool car shot. So I grabbed my camera and stuck it out the window and put it as low as I could to try and get a shot of the tire spinning and the roads flying by us. Must have taken around 30 shots of this until I got this one, none of them were tack sharp but this was the sharpest of them all. Either way I think its a pretty cool shot that I'd like to try again... But with the doors open so I can have the camera just above the ground! Though that might be a little risky...

First day of Senior year completed!
My semesters reasonably easy: art, advanced functions, renaissance history and psych. Not too shabby.
I still can't wait to graduate and move on with my life though, I'm also so confused about what degree to get, what school to go to, all I'm sure of is that I am moving to Toronto, and I'll be working for an Advertising firm.
I'm already getting tired of some of the faces I'm going to be seeing everyday, and it just makes me want to go back to traveling all over again, didn't realize how much I loved it until today.
Thus the reason for the double exposure taken in China I guess, I just miss how different everything was and how I had no worries what so ever.
Now I'm off to see a horrible shark horror movie in 3D since my friend finally got her license, gotta love cheap Tuesdays!
Also, being a girl and walking into EB Games is awesome. Basically just got Red Dead Redemption for free, hay free time.

cheap tires toronto

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