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discount tires in canada

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365 2007 11 30 - Day 058

365 2007 11 30 - Day 058

So the plan was to go to Salmon Arm for collegial discussion, then relax, take some pictures, enjoy a little snow, and buy some local wine and cheese to give my landlord and his family (as well as my colleagues at school) for Solstice (or Christmas, or Kwanza, or whatever they celebrate), but my car had other ideas.

West of Chase, in the dark, rolling up a mountain highway with only two lanes, my lights began to dim. With nowhere to pull over, I had no choice but to keep going. Cars were passing me in the other direction, and it was obvious they didn't see me at all because they all kept swerving away from me like I was some ghost car that came out of nowhere. Anyway, then my engine started to lose power and rattle...

I'm lucky to be alive, I suppose -- I had to try and drive on the shoulder without being able to see where I was going while vehicles (like big fuckin' semis) flew up the road from behind me, passing within inches of my car. Luckily, there's an Esso station just about five minutes out of Chase because I'd never have made it all the way to town.

BCAA arranged for a nice guy from Sorrento named Scott to come and tow me into Salmon Arm. Even with my BCAA discount, it still ended up costing sixty bucks for the tow.

So we left my car outside of Canadian Tire and I went and flopped down, defeated, at a Best Western. I knew this was going to put a serious fucking dent in my finances, and it did.

To be continued...

Blenz - raspberry apricot bran muffin & orange spice tea

Blenz - raspberry apricot bran muffin & orange spice tea

Sunday, March 25th.

Did I mention that our hotel was situated above a club? Oh yeah. They're all about the club hits, and they don't play this year's shitty club hits either. They go for the 2004 collection of crappitude. I suspect that they just get the old Now Music volumes from the discount bin. Because of this, Tai was way too tired in the morning, so I decided to tempt him into wakefulness with some breakfast. The thought of fighting off hung over Aussies for shitty hostel pastries did not appeal to me, so I popped into the local Blenz. For those not familiar with Canada, Blenz is a coffee shop chain second only to Starbucks in its virus-like proliferation across the nation's cities and towns. But I gotta say, they have some damn fine muffins and pastries!

Here you see a bran muffin brilliantly accented with raspberries and apricots. Screw raisins! Those bastards can go eat themselves this Sunday morning for all I care. I ordered Orange Spice tea, thinking it was Orange Pekoe. Durr. On the right, you see my computer. I used the morning to post more photos on my foodblog and read through the Mindless Palaver posts. I saved half of the muffin and tea for Tai.

discount tires in canada

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